Type A Personality Runs in the Family

Kyle and I signed Kaden up for a 16 week class through Kidville, which recently opened a location here in Las Vegas. We chose a gym-type class since K-man enjoys jumping, bouncing, climbing,… Continue reading

The Four P’s

Packing. Preschool. Palmolive. Prayer. What do they have to do with one another? A lot, since that is what’s filling our busy lives these days. Let’s start with packing. We are moving. We… Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and In Between

2011 is over, and I would be remiss not to say a few words to brush off yet another year. The year was a busy one for us, but it sure was fun.… Continue reading

Two is Better Than One

You’ve heard the saying, “One just isn’t enough.” I sympathize. One Kaden isn’t enough for me, so our cozy, little family of three is adding one more baby to the mix! I can’t even… Continue reading

Milestones are BIG Moments

We celebrated two milestones in the Zuelke household this weekend, and I am going to gloat like any proud mom would. What makes these moments blog-worthy is the fact that these accomplishments are… Continue reading

Living with a toddler is like…

Living with a bad roommate. How’s that you ask? Follow me. 1. Kaden is king. He rules the roost. He runs the show. How is that possible? It’s easy when he repeatedly asks… Continue reading

Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

Thank goodness summer has come to an end. I am not one of those people who love summer in Vegas. I’m not sure anyone who really spends hours on end working outside in… Continue reading

Sometimes, Life Sucks

It’s been a strange couple of days. It began yesterday when I logged onto Facebook. As I scrolled through the mundane updates posted since I last looked, I saw a friend’s status: “RIP… Continue reading