I’m sorry, this is such a mom post so you can totally disregard it. This is more for me than you. I have to document somewhere some milestones, and I haven’t exactly been… Continue reading

Two Kids. Whole New Ball Game.

One child was so easy. It was like my life never changed. I still managed to tame my hair, freshen my makeup, iron my clothes… even arrive on time with baby in tow.… Continue reading


If you haven’t figured it out yet, the title of this blog is the date my life forever changed, again! On May 9, Kyle and I (mostly me-ha ha) brought Colton Allan into… Continue reading

The Comeback Kid

I’ve been gone from the blogging forum for six long months. I’ve been busy, okay? Just, you know, birthing a child and catching up on sleep again. But, I want you all to… Continue reading

Two Months Later…

Oh my, I had no idea I hadn’t blogged in two whole months. A lot has happened in 8 weeks. Let me give you a condensed version, as best as I can. Sleep:… Continue reading

Bedtime Stories: An Update to “Bedtime, We Have a Problem.”

I staked out my spot on the couch Thursday night. There was no way Kaden was going to slip by this time and make his bed in my cozy corner. I wasn’t really… Continue reading

Bedtime, We Have a Problem

In previous posts, I told you all about the anticipated move. Well, it happened. Just like that, movers came in and whisked away our life neatly packed in boxes. Gobs of furniture and… Continue reading

The Weight of Stress

January was a stressful month for me. Kyle’s work schedule changed, we found ourselves on a deadline to find a new house, spent many days and nights packing, and got busier and busier… Continue reading