The Skinny on Getting Healthy

A rare thing has happened. I weigh less than I did before having my two boys. At first, when people asked me how I lost the weight so quickly after having my second… Continue reading

New Look

I needed change. I like the crisp, clean colors and more modern layout of this blog theme. But, stay tuned. I’ll be upgrading soon to customize my blog even more. Have a good… Continue reading

MARCHing into Spring

A monthly update for you all. I wanted to write about something else, but I sat here completely empty-handed. Writers block, I guess. I’m not feeling anything profound enough to write about, so… Continue reading

Like or Love February

I missed January, but I did a Happy New Year post.. so that counts in my book. I’m going to try to write a post for each month, just to keep all of… Continue reading

Every Ending has a Beginning

The end of another year only means one thing for me: a new beginning. I like to look at each New Year as a fresh start. I don’t really believe in making resolutions,… Continue reading

What Now?

I’ve always been a firm believer that for anything to change, you have to begin with yourself. What we can all take away from the tragic and senseless act of violence in Newtown,… Continue reading

Politically Correct and Just Plain Stupid

Is anyone else tired of everything and everyone being so politically correct? I’m raising my hand. I am over it. When did we become a society that can’t handle the damn truth, or… Continue reading

The Greatest Gift

My life has come full circle since I found my new family. I’ve always had my parents, my sister, my extended family, but now I have my own family. I never imagined the… Continue reading