On This Thanksgiving

I count my blessings every day. I truly do. And while I think we should be thankful for what he have every day, I love that people vocalize how they feel in the… Continue reading

Lean In, She Says

I’m swamped, guys. Totally in over my head. I’ve never been so busy at work, and home life never seems to slow down. I keep telling myself, “I can’t do everything.” I’ve even… Continue reading

Triple 8

Eight years ago today, August 8, 2005, I watched my dad die. It’s unfathomable, yet still very real in my mind. Some days, it’s like it didn’t happen. Other days, I see it… Continue reading

It’s Personal, But Important

It’s a rather personal subject, but I think women should talk about it. Getting mammograms. I had my first one, and it wasn’t bad. At all. When I arrived to the radiology office,… Continue reading


May was crazy, just like every other month. But, it was oh, so fun! First, I attended Junior League’s May Luncheon, which is always a fun and great way to end the league… Continue reading

A Paleo Journey

About a month ago Kyle told me he wanted to try the Paleo Diet. My first reaction was, “Eek, I could never do it. Good luck with that.” My second response was, “But… Continue reading

In the Blink of an Eye

Holy moly, it’s April! We’re a third of the way through the year. How is that possible? Grandfather time should slow his roll. On the heels of Easter weekend with family in town… Continue reading

Who Influenced Me

I don’t remember the exact moment when I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but I always loved three things: writing, reading and watching news. I knew who my local news anchors… Continue reading